Revolutionizing surgeon training, medical device innovation,

patient care and hospital intelligence… 

The world’s first easy-to-use telepresence

and cloud-archiving platform

for surgeon training & real-time collaboration, virtual proctoring,

clinical education and device marketing.


epiqar is used daily by med device companies and surgical teams across Europe and the US—and installs in minutes.  


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Transforming medical device training, surgeon performance and hospital quality through the industry’s simplest &    most elegant Surgical Telepresence and Cloud Archiving system.


Remote Proctoring and virtual training. Expanding product awareness and accelerating adoption, and in new markets and far out regions where sales representatives are not available.  


Surgical telepresence and cloud-archiving connecting your ORs and colleagues. Handsfree daily surgical video recording, generating “actionable” archives to transform outcomes, performance and quality.


A new low-cost tool for extending your global mission. Providing previously unprecedented worldwide live training & urgent collaboration to support your wisdom and your teams, without having to board a plane.


Turnkey interactive live broadcasting from any OR in the world.  Configured and managed by an experienced team, at short notice and with ultra quick deployment.





The world’s first simple, elegant and low-cost global regulatory compliant system for live OR collaboration and instant Cloud surgical video archiving.  epiqar’s latest 4th generation cloud-based and AI-enabled technology delivers new features and insights for: remote proctoring, surgeon training, urgent intra-operative consults, medical device industry innovation, hospital intelligence, surgeon performance improvement, salesforce training, and quality-focused initiatives.

An intuitive and simple to deploy tool purpose-built for surgeon, rep and user training (especially where physical OR access is difficult) epiqar provides virtual experiences perfect for delivering intimate “follow on” training after previous on-location training… historically never available for surgeons back in their own OR and on their own for the first time.

Available as a portable mobile-kit backpack or a permanent touch-screen medical grade PC on a cart, epiqar is easy for any non-technical surgical team member or rep to fire up a collaboration session immediately.



93% of all surgeons who logged in to our live epiqar sessions converted to the Standard Bariatrics® Anatomy Based Approach utilizing the Titan SGS® Stapler.


Gary Klimek

Director, Surgical Clinical Affairs, Teleflex

It was SO GREAT to use epiqar for our clinical trial this year and enable remote viewing for our team. 


Dr. Nova Szoka, MD FACS FASMBS

Founder, Endolumik

epiqar’s secure high quality surgical collaboration has proven essential for training and provides critical surgical team connectivity with outside parties.

Vadym Terentyuk, MD, PhD

Lead of Telemedicine direction State-owned Enterprise 'Electronic Health', Ministry of Health of Ukraine

Leverage the Surgical Moment, because now you can

   Expand product awareness, accelerate adoption, enhance surgeon performance, and train surgeons and sales teams
by bringing the OR securely to the outside.

With the latest cutting-edge innovations, for a few dollars per day,
our customers collaborate live and record each case video directly to the cloud. 

Using our HIPAA-compliant, GDPR compliant, UK-NHS compliant, HDS-compiliant and Hospital IT Security focused technology, surgeons, colleagues, residents and medical device companies interact with the live surgical moment.

                                    This creates new pathways for training both new surgeons and salesforce staff,                                      for instant interoperative surgical consults to address surgical surprises with colleagues near and far,
to share case educational experiences and expand teaching globally & easily at profoundly low cost,

and to further medical device innovation.


Yes, it’s that easy.


Regulatory compliance is the heart of our product from the ground up.  We meet HIPAA, GDPR-EU, GDPR-UK, NHS, HDS (France) regulatory compliance.  We also have passed in flying colors all security assessments presented to us- from both hospitals and medical device corporate IT departments.


This is future built.  We have no need to change what  you already have in place, nor is that in our interest.  We want to keep things quite simple.

epiqar is “Minimally Invasive” and connects to any camera:  Da Vinci, Storz, Stryker, Olympus, Wolf, an existing display, or the digital HDMI/DVI output of a medical device system.


Built by an IT, web, security & networking team with over 10 years of live surgery broadcasting experience.  We have hospital-friendly firewall rules, with HITRUST & CIS conformance. All technology is proprietary and all traffic is encrypted.  Data flows only to our own HIPAA/GDPR compliant infrastructure.  We also satisfy medical grade CE Biomed Engineering needs.


Based on two decades of Hollywood and Healthcare technology innovation, we have eliminated the costly IT storage, headaches and the need to burden the already overtaxed hospital IT team… with a regulatory compliant Cloud and Software-based solution, easy to use and just a few dollars/euros per day.



  • State of the art HD broadcasting, 10mbps recording

  • Super low global latency for real-time training

  • Our team performs all hospital IT coordination to get you up & running immediately

  • Private infrastructure per customer

  • Encrypted private global network

  • HIPAA & EU Regulatory Compliant (with HITRUST CSF 9.6 Compliance and infrastructure meeting CIS Conformance)

  • EU & GDPR Compliant

  • Simple to deploy- Installs in the OR in 3 minutes

  • Portable “Backpack” kit or Wheeled Cart + Medical Grade PC install

  • Easy to use by the OR team and remote Mac/Windows/ios/Android users

  • Record videos to a private Cloud Library, handsfree via the epiqar foot pedal

  • Capture pictures to your private Cloud Library, handsfree via the epiqar foot pedal

  • Up to ten participants together (all HD)

  • Live Webinar Module for 1000’s of participants, with polling, attendee data capture, interaction with the epiqar session

  • Purpose-built for live surgery training

  • Dedicated real-time global support

  • Hospital IT network-friendly firewall rules

  • CE conformance

  • Fully managed and supported remotely, via phone & live team connection

  • Live Surgery Webinars

  • Broadcast to society meetings any time at no cost

  • All needed features for remote training, salesforce training, R&D team collaboration

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    And Then

    Now when epiqar has brought you up to date by archiving all of your daily
    surgical video, and integrated this dynamically growing video library with the
    hospital’s existing HIS/ investments (EHR, Scheduling, etc),
    your surgical video is finally actionable. 

    Let us then perform our patent pending AI and information modeling across the
    entire surgical library and its captured data, so we can increase hospital Quality,
    Surgeon Performance and Medical Device innovation even further.

    epiqar is not just a Training tool and a Collaboration platform,
    it is a Performance & Quality tool and a Medical Device Innovation platform:
    to enhance patient outcomes, increase hospital reimbursement levels, ensure
    optimal product use, and accelerate medical device company growth.


    We deliver connectivity to the world,

    from Boulder, Colorado, USA.



    4845 Pearl East Circle

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    US 888.615.7874  |  EUROPE +44 131 381 7874

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    epiqar has a 100% success rate meeting hospital & corporate customer IT teams' privacy, security and regulatory compliance requirements, worldwide.




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    epiqar is used for training and education purposes, and is not intended to diagnose or treat disease.
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